PT1000 Swish payment terminal

Easier purchase.
• The customer enter his/her telephone number.
• Opens the Swish app and confirms the purchase.
• Verify the purchase via BankID.
• The machine starts.

The owner of the terminal makes a acquiring agreement with his regular bank. For one acquiring agreement, many PT 1000 terminals can be connected.

Backoffice, monitoring and to show transaction statistics will be performed via a website.

PT 1000 consists of 2 parts:
• Touchscreen – 5” projective capacitive touch screen.
• Electric box, containing:
– single computer s.k. SBC
– I/O board with 8 optos in + 8 relays out
– AC adapter 230 VAC

The terminal is connected to the internet via LTE or LAN connection.

Sterners can provide customized customer menus.