CPT 850

CThe CPT 850 is a wall-mounted payment machine aimed at the car wash industry. It manages both free-standing seil-service car wash facilities and roll-over machines and a can handle a combination of both. Pay quickly and easily by bank card, cash or Swish to, eg. buy tokens, value cards, pay to washer bay or maybe start a roll-over wash.
With simple choice on a self-explanatory touch screen, the customer selects products or features.
Payment options for the customer:
• Visa / Mastercard
• Banknotes
• Coins
• Swish
Standard receipt printer with either a scissors or tear-off cutter.
Sales of value cards / loyalty cards and possibility for the customer to recharge themselves.
Detailed sales report

Brief technical information

Internet connection: Fixed or mobile

Touchscreen: 8.4 ”
Built-in W: 780mm H: 800mm D: 360mm


RFID Card: Value-on-card/non personal or Identification/invoice card
Control cards for car washers, gates, etc.
CAN Bus for Node (for controlling more advanced external equipment)
Banknote reader
coin Control
Bank Card Terminal: Nets, Verifone

Stand-alone cabinet/stand