The TMV is a program selector cabinet that targets washrooms and wash bays both indoors and outdoors. The TMV cabinet is mounted on a wall or stand and contains heaters to be able to work outdoors even in cold conditions.

TMV can offer its own payment method or be connected to a payment machine for extended functions. The product offers 6 choices for different types of chemicals and emergency stops. Key switch for service personnel to be able to add value to the cabinet when cleaning the system.

Payment options for the customer:

  • Visa / Mastercard via Nayax card reader.
  • RFID card Value card / loyalty card
  • Coin control with support for tokens

Possibility to read barcode that contains value via scanner. The payment machines CT-2 and CT-3 can sell these barcodes to customers. The cabinet can also be a recipient of the “Pay to washroom” function offered by our payment kiosks CT-2, CT-3 and 650-CW.